Poster Session Guidelines

Below, you will find important information regarding poster dimensions and instructions about how to set up your poster.

Posters can be hung between either 9:00 and 10:00 PM EDT on Friday, May 12 or 6:45 AM and 12:00 PM EDT on Saturday, May 13. Posters must be hung no later than 12:00 PM EDT on Saturday, May 13.

Posters need to be removed by 2:00 PM EDT on Monday, May 15. Please note that iwCLL will not be responsible for shipping or storing any posters left behind. Posters left after 2:00 PM EDT on Monday, May 15 will be discarded.

The poster reception will be held on Sunday, May 14 at 6:00 PM EDT. Presenters are encouraged to attend the reception and be available to discuss their poster. However, this is not mandatory.


Following the guidelines below will help you to create a self-explanatory and concise poster. The poster reception can provide a more intimate forum for discussion than other Meeting sessions but not if you are obliged to devote your time to explaining your poster to your viewers.


  • Size: The poster boards are approximately 4’h x 8’w. We recommend posters to be 46”h x 94”w or smaller to fit appropriately in the display area.
  • TiP Posters will be displayed 2 per board. Recommended poster size for TiP posters is 46″ x 46″.
  • List the abstract number, title, and all authors and author affiliations. Disclosure information is allowed but not required on the poster
  • Please print one email address (of the presenter, first author, or a coauthor) on your poster so that attendees can contact the abstract group with questions and comments
  •  Inclusion of Quick Response (QR) codes
    • If you choose to include a QR code on your poster, you must also include the following disclaimer on both print and electronic versions: “Copies of this poster obtained through the Quick Response (QR) Code are for personal use only and may not be reproduced without permission from iwCLL and the author of this poster.”


  • Format of poster is LANDSCAPE (horizontal)
  • Place heading in large‐sized type at the top of the poster
  • All material should be readable from distances of three feet or greater
  • Use a font that is at least 3/8 inch high (minimum 22-point font)
  • Use bold type to ensure legibility
  • Make all print very dark (preferably block style) on a very light (preferably white) background
  • Use letters, arrows, numbers, or other devices to show those who will be viewing your poster the preferred sequence in which your poster should be reviewed
  • Charts, drawings, and illustrations should be similar to those you would use when making PowerPoint slides
  • If photographs are used, have them processed with a matte or dull finish
  • iwCLL will provide identification numbers on the poster boards. The identification numbers will match the assigned abstract number

Other Recommendations:

  • The poster can either be made on one sheet (rollup) or in several small sections. Do NOT mount illustrations on heavy cardboard because they may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board
  • Write your presentation concisely and keep captions brief. The poster should be self‐explanatory so that you are free to supplement the information and discuss particular points raised by questions during the poster reception. You may supplement your poster with handouts

Please contact us at for more information.